Covid-19 Self-Screen

Covid-19 Self Screen form
The safety of everyone is our top priority. We will comply with the FA Guidance issued on 24th March 2021: This below form needs to be completed by every player and the 1 permitted parent/carer and siblings attending prior to any training session or match. The answers to the questions below must be negative for the participant to take part and for parent/carer/siblings to attend to watch. In order for your child to take part in any session and for any parent/carer/sibling to attend and watch this form must be completed for each person. We cannot accept more than 1 person on any one form. This form needs to be completed by 12 noon of the day of each training session. If you or anyone else develops any COVID – 19 symptoms after 12 noon and having already submitted the form you must not attend. If we do not receive your completed self screen/s by 12 noon on the day of your session please do not bring your child to that evenings session as you will be turned away.