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Southampton (Futsal) SA SODC 2019 2020 Registration
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For those that have bought kit
Soccer Awareness School Of Development Centre (SA S.O.D.C.) BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

1. Training fees will remain at £5 per child per session for all sessions at Wynter Road Playing Field and Bitterne Park Secondary School.
2. All course fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.
3. The SA S.O.D.C. reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership of any player if any payment is not received by the scheduled payment date listed in the induction information pack. Any late payment made without prior authorisation will incur a £5 admin charge.
4. I agree to setting up payments via our class for kids platform to cover the costs of block sessions.
5. I understand that my child/children will not be able to attend training if I have not paid for that block of sessions in advance of the deadline payments laid out in the Payment Details document and until payment is then made in full.
6. There will be no reduction of fees or any refund of fees if the player misses one or more training sessions for any reason unless sidelined by a serious long term injury/illness and this will then be at the discretion of the SA S.O.D.C. Dates and training schedule are available within this induction information pack.
7. Cancellation – The SA S.O.D.C. reserves the right to cancel or postpone any session for any reason. In the event of which an alternative session will be offered.
8. Notice to leave - I agree to give at least 6 weeks advance notice in writing to SA S.O.D.C. if my child/children wishes to leave the programme.
9. I understand that should my child/children leave the SA S.O.D.C. whether by choice or by being released I understand I will need to return any SA S.O.D.C. kit issued, induction pack and pay any outstanding fees.
10. The SA S.O.D.C. reserves the right to alter the dates of the training sessions or games set out in the training and game schedule included in this induction information pack, with adequate prior warning being given to parents/carers.
11. I agree to inform the SA S.O.D.C. in advance via the following email address if my child/children is not able to attend any training sessions: soccerawarenesssodc@gmail.com
12. If your child/children are selected to play in any fixtures/tournaments for The SA S.O.D.C. it’s then compulsory to purchase a SA S.O.D.C. kit which must then be worn.
13. The following items are not included in the weekly training fees and payment for them shall be the sole responsibility of the parent/carer: •Costs and expenses associated with competing in any fixtures/tournaments. This includes the cost of kit, playing, travel, accommodation, insurance, food and drink and any social events.
14. The SA S.O.D.C. reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend all services if any player acts in a manner that The SA S.O.D.C. at its sole discretion, considered damaging to the interests of The SA S.O.D.C. its staff, players or sponsors. A written SA S.O.D.C. code of conduct for players and parent/carers is included with your induction information pack.
15. We cannot and will not guarantee any player a certain number of matches or tournaments during the course of the season. Our programme is all about the quality coaching and innovative sessions we provide for your child/children.
16. The SA S.O.D.C. accepts no responsibility for any loss of money, clothing or personal items or other valuables. It is the sole responsibility of player/parents/carers to safeguard the above during all training sessions and any matches.
17. All SA S.O.D.C. coaches are approved and police checked through the criminal records bureau (DBS).
18. On occasions, The SA S.O.D.C. or their representatives may take photographs/filming's for promotional purposes only.
19. I agree to receiving texts and/or emails regarding SA S.O.D.C. via Learning Through Sport Limited sessions and clubs. If not please email learningthroughsport@ntlworld.com to be removed.
20. The details provided on this booking form will be held on file for the SA S.O.D.C. administration purposes only.
21. When paying by cheque you will be at risk of bank and admin charges if your cheque happens to bounce.
I agree to abide by The FA Code of Conducts emailed to me.