Endorsement Comments

Endorsement Comment From Wayne Harrison and On Why Is The Soccer Awareness Programme So Unique

“I am delighted to link with Matt and the School Of Development Centre.

The Soccer Awareness method of teaching has been a culmination of 30 years of my work at professional youth and senior level, my focus on youth being since 1996, and is based on my experiences on 3 continents. My overall impression from that time is it is VITAL to focus on and develop the MIND of each player. I think this is what sets apart Soccer Awareness developmental training from everyone else. It is now a mental game we play and is based around fast and accurate decision-making and as the game gets faster (each player now having on average only 2 seconds on the ball in the modern game) and the spaces to play in smaller, this training keeps the players ahead of the game in every aspect of their play.

Matt and I are sure that this Soccer Awareness Curriculum will only enhance the School Of Development Centre programme and help develop your child/children even further.

It’s very exciting times ahead with you all and I am so grateful for Matt’s support of my work.

I look forward to receiving regular updates from Matt and his team on the progress your child/children will no doubt be making and look forward to meeting all the players when I visit in the early new year”

Kindest regards, Wayne Harrison

Parent Endorsements

  • “I would like to say thank you so much for allowing Stan to be the player he naturally is, encouraging his skills, his confidence and bringing him up to such a high standard. I genuinely believe that what Stan learnt at The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C. set him up and on his way. Thank you so much for giving him the opportunity to play with and against some amazing players and teams” Carli Blackburn (Parent of Stanley Doyle, Swindon Town Football Club)


  • “Hi Matt and Sam, I hope you are both well.  I would like to thank you both/ on behalf of Ellis for the time he had spent with you training. Having been with The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C. for a very good year, your structured training program and your coaches had brought the best out of him which has hugely helped in his development and success. Keep up the great work The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C.” Bradley Orsborn (Parent Of Ellis Orsborn, AFC Bournemouth Football Club)


  • “Huge Thanks to Matt, Sam & The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C.  coaching team who worked with Tyler for the last 3 years. Tyler’s love & passion for the game was apparent and the coaching at The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C. transferred this passion and hard work onto the pitch and huge advances in the technical game. Coupled with technical coaching and various scouts coming to watch, Tyler was given the opportunity to play with CAT 1 academy (Reading) for over 12 months before signing an academy contract with Swindon Town. The journey has only just begun but without the coaching and opportunities with The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C, this would not have been possible! We will miss The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C and highly recommend  them, huge thank you again!” Gary Gosney (Parent Of Tyler Gosney, Swindon Town Football Club)


  • On behalf of Lucy, I would like to say thank you to Matt and the coaches for the year she spent with The Basingstoke Soccer Awareness S.O.D.C. Your coaching and training have given her more confidence; improved her technical ball skills and encouraged her to be a strong player on pitch. She is so happy to play for Reading Girls RTC and is thoroughly enjoying playing football with the girls. Thanks again and Good Luck!” Mary Kwok (Parent of Lucy Powis, Reading Girls RTC Football Club)


  • “I would like to thank the SA S.O.D.C. for coaching Archie over the last two years. I can only speak highly of his coaches Matt and Sam who constantly pushed him to always work hard and to believe in his ability.  The SA S.O.D.C. has taught him  that with hard work determination and never giving up you can achieve anything.  We shall miss all at SA S.O.D.C. but wish them every success for the future and that the coaching they offer is first class.” Carly Sheppard (Parent of Archie Sheppard, AFC Bournemouth Football Club).


  • The Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. has provided our son with the opportunity to follow his footballing dream, the coaching staff have been first class in their approach in developing the players and providing them with opportunities of progression with professional clubs. We would highly recommend the Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. to anyone seeking to support their child in improving as a player & having the opportunity to play at a higher level.” Vince and Lisa (Parents Of Sonny Parkes , AFC Bournemouth Football Club).


  • “I cannot thank Matt & his team enough for the effort & dedication they showed to Harvey’s training & progression, through Matt’s numerous contacts Harvey has had opportunities to train with 7 professional clubs, culminating in contract offers from 2 of those clubs and now a 2 year contract with AFC Bournemouth Football Club.” Samm Bowyer (Parent Of Harvey Hopley,  AFC Bournemouth Football Club).


  • “Lou loved his time at the Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. He had a great rapport with the coaches and always looked forward to his training sessions and games with them. I genuinely believe that the coaching and support he received at the Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. contributed greatly to him gaining a place at Swindon Town Football Club Academy. His technical skills and confidence grew massively with his time at the Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. I can’t recommend them high enough – it’s a great place to take your kids to improve their footballing ability.” Ben Owens (Parent Of Louis Owens Swindon Town Football Club).


  • “George was first spotted by his professional club when he was 6. Over the next 2/3 years, they were keeping an eye on him because they could see something in him but he wasn’t quite ready. During that time he was improving his game both at home and within the SA S.O.D.C. group. Matt and Sam challenged him and enabled him to develop in the areas he needed to. Last season that resulted in a formal trial and academy contract, renewed for a further year this week. George loved the training, it was tough and challenging but also fun. I’ve no doubt the work put into and by George at the SA S.O.D.C .was a big factor in his progression. As a parent, I would say be honest with your son/daughter. If they want to be the best they can be then this is the place for you. If they just want a kick about with their mates then it might not. All I can say is for George the SA S.O.D.C. certainly helped to make him a better player.” Jerry Fox (Parent Of George Fox Portsmouth Football Club).


  • “It’s great news for Luke but we know that this opportunity is really down to Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. and the focused training and hard work you guys have and continue to put into developing the players. Your recommendation has given Luke a chance to take that step up to academy level experience knowing that he has had a solid grounding of technical development at Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. to build upon. In fact, both our boys have really benefited from the professional approach to development at Basingstoke SA S.O.D.C. and couldn’t thank you guys enough.” Conroy and Claire Saunders (Parents of Luke Saunders, AFC Bournemouth Football Club)