Wednesday Night Futsal

TN Futsal


£5.00 per child per session there after.

If none please put N/A
*I/We give my/our consent to my/our child/taking part in football training and playing activities arranged and overseen by centre managers, coaches, officials and/or helpers of Soccer Awareness School Of Development Centre. (SA S.O.D.C.) *I/We understand that the team selection rests solely with the manager, and participation in any centre activity is at our and our child’s own risk. *I/We understand responsibility for supervision of players will only be assumed by the manager for the period of matches and training only. *Parents/Carers must remain with their children at all times or arrange for another responsible adult. Parents/Carers leaving their child before or after such sessions retain responsibility even in their absence. *I/We agree to our child receiving first aid treatment as considered necessary by any SA S.O.D.C. first aid trained manager, coach, official or helper and any emergency dental or medical treatment as considered necessary by any medical authorities present. *I/We understand that whilst the SA S.O.D.C. staff and helpers in charge of our child will take all reasonable care, they cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by our child in travelling to or from, or taking part in any games or training sessions. *I/We agree in the event that my child is injured whilst playing football/travelling to and from football events and I/We cannot be contacted on the contact and emergency numbers provided, I/We hereby give consent for my/our child to receive medical attention. *I/We understand the extent and limitations of the insurance cover provided by the SA S.O.D.C. – Public Liability Insurance *I/We agree to pay the appropriate training and match fees and if payment is late a admin charge will be made. *I/We understand that failure to do so will void our child’s membership of the SA S.O.D.C. and the SA S.O.D.C. Insurance Policy will not cover our/my child. *I/We understand that SA S.O.D.C. or any individual in the SA S.O.D.C. are not liable for loss or damage to any property arising out of SA S.O.D.C. activities. *I/We agree to pay any fines imposed on the SA S.O.D.C. by the Hampshire FA as a result of disciplinary action against me or my child. Please indicate if all of the above is acceptable to you:
At times the club may wish to take photos or videos of the team or individuals in it. We adhere to The FA Guidelines to ensure these are safe and respectful and used solely for the purposes for which they are intended, which is promotion and celebration of the activities of the club and for training purposes. Please indicate if this is acceptable to you: